Mixed Metals Magic

Published on 17.08.22

Trend alert: Mixed metals are here and we are planning on making it stay!

No longer are the days of wearing just gold or just silver. Instead, feel inspired by mixing up your jewellery tones to really elevate your look to a whole new level. We love stacking bracelets in multiple tones to create an edgy, yet boho feel!

A few tips for trying mixed metals for the first time:

  • Keep it balanced- if you are going to mix up your jewellery, try and mix up all the areas of your jewellery rather than focusing on just one area. This will keep your look classic and modern instead of disjointed.
  • Simple or complex, it is up to you – we love the look of mixing up dainty and bold styles, but you can start off with mixing up similar styles; a mix of dainty necklace chains can never go wrong.
  • Something special – keep your special pieces that you never take off in one tone and then build your mixed metal stack around it! This will allow you to change up your look without feeling outside of your comfort zone. Remember that nothing looks better on you than confidence!
  • Have fun with it! Embrace the opportunity to really show your personality through your jewellery, and create a fun mixed collection that really represents the best version of you.


Following these tips, the look below is gorgeous inspo! With a beautiful heirloom piece – the 9ct white gold St Christopher necklace – you can make this trendy with a mix of chains. We have featured a mix of yellow, rose, and silver chains in different styles to really emphasise the stylish mix.

St Christopher








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