Behind the Scenes: Factory Charm

Published on 24.08.22

Showcasing the talent that makes our personalised jewellery pieces is so important for us here at the Jewellery Stockroom as well as our affiliate brands and we feel they deserve to be celebrated.

In the Jewellery Quarter at the centre of Birmingham, our team lovingly designs and creates the pieces that you get to love and keep forever. These pieces include hand engraving our patterned lockets, cutting the name necklaces for Oaks Jewellery, as well as filling the enamel design for our super cute Y2K pieces. Oaks Jewellery also prides itself on the perfect touch as the small team are the only ones who attach charms to your personal orders!

We love how the brands at the Jewellery Stockroom add the personal touches for our customer’s experience by really taking care and pride in the forever jewellery they provide. You know that each piece is carefully created with love so you can happily gift these beautiful pieces for every occasion.


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